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Do you own a vacation rental property that you manage yourself or otherwise have a website or business connected with travel and would like to earn additional revenue by offering damage protection as a value-added service? Then partnering with Rental Guardian by offering Damage Protection could be the answer.

Rental Guardian is a leading provider of Travel & Damage Insurance in the vacation rental space with hundreds of major property management companies offering its products for travelers. Self-managed properties and smaller property managers also need a solution for their guests to protect their travel investment from unforeseen events that could risk the loss of prepaid, non-refundable deposits.

As a Protection Brands partner you can immediately offer damage protection in lieu of collecting and managing damage deposits. For each policy sold or purchased, you earn a referral rebate.

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What is the Damage Protection Program?

The Damage Protection Program (DPP) provides coverage for the homeowner against unintentional accidental damage that may occur within the vacation rental property during a rental booking stay. When the booking coverage fee is paid, the DPP covers the homeowner/designated rental unit manager for up to the specified coverage amount (US $1,500 or US $3,000) if the rented unit or its contents in the property are damaged during the stay. Coverage is subject to program terms and conditions.


What is the Added Value to the Homeowner, Property Manager and Renter?

When the booking coverage fee is paid, the DPP reduces the renter's risk of additional credit card charges, refunds and charge-back issues, while in most cases reducing the need for homeowners and property managers to collect, hold and refund security deposits. Homeowners, property managers and renters gain peace of mind knowing that if unintentional accidental damage occurs, they are protected. It further removes any uncomfortable conversations between owners & guests about who pays for the damage.


Become A Partner Buy Damage Protection

What Are the Property Protection Program Coverage Limits and Cost Options?

US $1,500 coverage - $59 • US $3,000 coverage - $79


What Does the Damage Protection Program Cover?

The DPP plan covers against accidental, unintentional damage to the homeowner's rental unit or its contents during a Covered booking. Examples include:


What Does the Damage Protection Program NOT Cover?

The DPP covers accidental damage in many forms, but does not cover other forms of damage including:

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